At First National Bank of Griffin keeping your customer information secure is our priority. In an ever changing environment, FNB continues to enhance our security to protect you.
cybersecurity concept Global network security technology, business people protect personal information. Encryption with a padlock icon on the virtual interface.
How to Prevent Phishing Attacks

How to Protect Yourself Against Phishing Attacks

What is Phishing?
A type of fraud in which emails pretending to be from reputable companies trick the victims into providing personal information.

  • Check the Sender’s address. Look for a legitimate email address.
  • Is the Email personalized and does it address you by name?
  • Check for typos and poor grammar.
  • Hover over the link and verify the link’s actual destination
  • Never respond to verbiage that says “Urgent” or “Final Notice”
  • Make sure the website you visit has the green padlock icon
WiFi Safety

Wi-fi Safety

Stay protected while connected.

The bottom line is that whenever you’re online, you’re vulnerable. If devices on your network are compromised for any reason, or if hackers break through an encrypted firewall, someone could be eavesdropping on you—even in your own home on encrypted Wi-Fi.

Practice safe web surfing wherever you are by checking for the “green lock” or padlock icon in your browser bar—this signifies a secure connection. When you find yourself out in the great “wild Wi-Fi West,” avoid free internet access with no encryption. If you do use an unsecured public access point, practice good internet hygiene by avoiding sensitive activities (e.g., banking) that require passwords or credit cards. Your personal hotspot is often a safer alternative to free Wi-Fi.

Make sure you go green—green lock, that is—for a trusted internet connection, and make this step a habit in every new environment.