Business Services

We’re always striving to make your business better by making your banking better. Our services accommodate your needs and position you for growth. Partner with a team committed to understanding your business goals and helping you achieve your dreams.

For on-line banking enrollment for Business Customers, please call First National Bank at 770.227.2251 – option#2 – for your enrollment credentials.

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Online Banking

With Online Banking, we’re at your side wherever you are and whenever you need. It’s freeing to do your banking on your terms and to have access to your accounts 24/7. You are always there for your business. We want to always be here for you.


  • Bank anywhere you have Internet access
  • Check balances and account history
  • Transfer funds between accounts statement option fee
  • Access online bill pay

Replace your paper statements with electronic statements for more efficient records keeping. This secure service cuts down on waste and allows you to access your banking statements faster than delivery to your mailbox.


  • Access your monthly statements at no charge
  • Reduce paper
  • Save statements to your computer
  • All accounts offer free eStatements
Merchant Services

You want your customers to have every option available when it’s time to pay. With our merchant services at your side, you can accept a variety of credit and debit cards for improved customer care. We’ll get you set up and be here for you whenever you need.


  • Customer service and terminal support
  • Variety of credit and debit card services
  • Ecommerce and mobile processing also available
Remote Deposit Capture

Deposit checks right from your office to reduce trips to the bank and optimize cash flow. We bring banking right to your place of business so you can make your deposits as quickly and easily as possible. Now that’s a true partnership.


  • Saves time
  • Reduces bank trips
  • Deposit checks using a scanner
Accounts Receivable Financing

This working capital solution is a quick and simple way to get cash right when you need it. With access to flexible and immediate cash, you can grow, meet operational overhead, take advantage of vendor discounts, hire additional staff and fund payroll.

  • Can be customized to provide success for your industry
  • Unlocks working capital and enhances cash flow
  • Allows more flexibility than traditional financing
ACH Origination

The Automated Clearing House (ACH) allows you to transfer payments electronically for a more efficient payables and receivables process. We’re always innovating to bring you a faster, more secure way to manage your finances and assist you as you grow your business.


  • Send and receive electronic payments
  • Create your own direct deposit payroll
Telephone Banking

Bank by phone 24 hours a day. Make balance inquiries by simply dialing (770) 228-9441 and following the friendly instructions. Xpress phone banking is your 24-hour connection to your bank account. It gives you immediate access to the information you need most.


  • Make balance inquiries
  • Review transaction history
  • Verify deposits and withdrawals
  • Transfer funds between accounts